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Daddy's Little Boy – Chapter 10 – How To Fuck Your Dad

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Little Austin has learned a lot about sex from his dad. Taking his hard, raw cock is unlike anything else. And he can’t get enough of those hot lessons. But he’s also learned a lot by watching porn. Like him, I’ve spent much of my life hunting down hot videos, trying to get my eyes on anyone fucking! (Even putting them up online!)

When Austin uses his dad’s laptop to do his homework, he stumbles upon his dad’s home videos… with his mom! He can’t help but be turned on watching it, always hungry to see his dad fuck. And I can’t blame him! When his step dad catches him about to jerk it, he gives him a golden opportunity: the chance to feel what fucking feels like from the top!

Little Austin is nervous at first, but his rock hard cock stands at attention for his old man’s ass. With his step dad’s guidance, he learns how to use his big boy dick and pound a real man! If only I’d had a hot daddy around to show me!